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How I cheated in Test

It was during early 2000 when I was in class X. I studied in a fully residential school and was home for a two-month summer vacation. During this period, it was usual for parents to arrange home tutors for the students. My parents also arranged a tutor for mathematics. I was an average student. I was... Continue Reading →

How we met

My side of the story It was 1st January 2014, and we were partying at the nearby paddy field. My mom was cooking and we were helping her. Then my uncle came to my dad and said there's someone who wants to meet him. "Who?"- my mom asked my uncle. He said he doesn't recognize... Continue Reading →

A trip to Shimla

So we decided to take a trip to Shimla. We are no travelers. But after some long, hectic days at work, everyone deserves a holiday. Holi is coming and this time it's on Monday, making it a three day weekend. Yay! So without taking a day off, we can go to any nearby places. My pick was... Continue Reading →

Sudden trip to Mumbai-Pune

On Thursday, he said that he is taking me with him. We will leave for Mumbai next day. From Mumbai, we will be driven to Pune and on the way, we will visit some tourist attractions. Return will be on Monday, we will leave for Mumbai from Pune in the morning. The trip was via Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express.

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